Business Center

Here is where your business solutions are found! No matter what size, we can bring your business to life, with vibrant designs, complex algorithms, websites apps, APIs and more. Our goal is to make your business number one by aiding the growth of your business through utilizing the web, mobile presence and analytics for SEO.

Industrial Services

Industry is changing quickly and being left behind is not an option. If you are looking to succeed in this modernized business world we are here to help! Teamed with Northwest Scada and the Flexs Q4 and C2, we are able to provide a versatile range of services  to keep you operating. Our goal is to provide tailored services unique to your industrial applications.

Hosting Services

Choosing the right hosting service can be an extremely frustrating decision. Fortunately for you, we  have a solution for your hosting needs.  From using Rackspace  for your server to revamping your basic website or app hosting, the possibilities are endless!  We pride ourselves in offering a vast amount of solutions and options for your business.

IT Consulting and Managment

When it comes to choosing an IT consultant for you business, knowing you are in good hands is key.  We at T9FD are committed to helping you manage your IT department, networking, systems integration, development and more.  Allow us to assist you with our  monthly and yearly contracts or create a customized contract.  Whatever the issue we will be there to offer our services.

Solutions for Everyone

T9FD services is designed to help businesses grow. Whether you are building an online presence
through social media, designing smart phone or web application, or building your industrial empire we have the tools to
help you grow and succeed. Our team takes great pride in keeping up to date in today’s ever-changing technology so that we can provide you with the best possible options to maximize your opportunities.