Business Consulting

Providing services and inspiration for businesses to reach their full potential

Why T9FD Services

  • We provide consulting services for the world’s most successful companies. Our expertise includes more than 10 years of successful partnerships in many different areas.
  • We offer a wide range of services and solutions guiding you through every step of strategy development and implementation, taking into account all aspects of your business and market
  • Results are the main focus. We build trust and reputation through the results we achieved and shared with our clients.

Service You Can Expect

IT Consulting

Our team takes pride in being up to date in the latest technologies in networking, computing, mobile integration, mobile phones, credit card terminals, payment gateways, merchants and integration.

Network Management

We provide contract network management for your business. Managing network switches, email, computers, security camera systems or anything IT we are here to help.

System Monitoring

Monitoring is a key part of making sure the customer never experience unnecessary downtime. Available is full time system monitoring and alerting, so you can rest assured that you will never experience unwanted downtime.

Development Roadmap

We’ll form a roadmap making sure your strategy development is flexible but steadily leading towards your goals